01 Back in November of 2015, Snap & Sketch Studios unofficially began. Originally, it was an art-only page created by Jordan Gembara called "Jorie Draws". The idea of the page was to showcase Jordan's fine artwork. Months passed and the page grew to showcase other aspects of her art, including fashion. In March of 2016, Jordan and her then boyfriend Michael Donelson went out and shot their first photoshoot together. Jorie Draws soon began to showcase that photography, as well as Michael's artwork (both illustrative and digital). Jorie Draws officially became Snap & Sketch Studios (or "S&S"), which now showcased the duo's work in union. After several more successful photoshoots, eventually the idea for the Urban Disney Princess photoshoots came into the picture. In May of 2016, Snap & Sketch Studios became a real company. A logo was created to watermark any and all of their artwork and photography, and more social media pages were created to promote S&S. Today, S&S stands as a company for both photography and artwork. Clients can hire S&S to create a logo or illustration, as well as for photoshoots. Our company strives to produce original, fun pieces that are unlike any others seen before. We work with you personally to produce the results you want.

Here at S&S we shoot a wide variety of photos. From landscape to portrait to themed...we strive to be as diverse as possible.


Both Michael & Jordan take scenic photos, while Michael excels in portraits and other shots involving people. Jordan assists in helping to pose and relax the client, while Michael ultimately captures those perfect Kodak moments.


Our goal in every photo shoot is to stay as unobtrusive as possible while still capturing the true spirit of the subject matter (whether it be an individual or an event). At planned events, we make sure to get those "formal shots" without disturbing the guests or pulling them away from family and friends for long periods of time.


At S&S we will capture those significant moments or candid shots. We create lasting snapshots of your most important memories.

 Snow White

Jordan has always enjoyed dressing up for fun. One day she was struck with the idea to dress up as the Disney Princesses, but with a more modern approach when it came to the clothing. Thus, the concept for Urban Disney was created. The premise was simple: Jordan would dress up in modern day clothing that would be cute and stylish in today's world, but would still reflect the personality and outfit of the Disney Princess in question. Michael helps to choose a location that best fits the princess, and then the two head out to hold a photoshoot.


In May of 2016, the very first Urban Disney Princess photoshoots were held: Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). The next princess photoshoots, Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) and Belle (from Beauty And The Beast), were held in July of 2016. In October of 2016 came two more princess photoshoots: Jasmine (from Aladdin) and Pocahontas. The first Urban Disney photoshoot of 2017 happened in June: Mulan.


There are currently five remaining princesses that zare yet to come for the Urban Disney Princess Collection: Rapunzel (from Tangled), Merida (from Brave), Anna & Elsa (from Frozen), and Moana. The collection is expected to be finished in the following year.

Coming Soon! Rapunzel

Jordan and Michael originally met at College of DuPage in their very first Graphic Design class. Both are graphic design majors with a variety of skills, from Photoshop to InDesign to Dreamweaver.


Graphically, the two have a number of work to display. They specialize in logo design and other graphics, as well as type treatment and other text-related graphics.


Michael prefers Illustrator, creating logos and other graphics, while Jordan enjoys Photoshop, creating ads and other designs. The two also have experience with InDesign, creating brochures and other spreads.


Both Jordan and Michael have taken a number of drawing classes. While many things can be created just from a computer, the two feel that having a background in art can help you to create the exact design they are looking for.


Michael enjoys drawing out his own unique type designs and logos, while Jordan enjoys drawing as a whole. She has developed her own style and can be found drawing for her own pleasure on a regular basis. Jordan specializes in caricature-like drawings. She will often sit out in public and draw a person she sees on the street in her own unique style.


Being a huge Disney lover, Jordan can most often be found drawing her favorite Disney characters.

ABOUT US Jordan Gembara and Michael Donelson met their first semester at College of DuPage back in August of 2013. The two became the instant best of friends before eventually falling head over heels for one another. The two got engaged in 2017. Both Michael and Jordan are graphic design majors. They attended College of DuPage before transferring to Columbia College Chicago. They have a passion for design in all forms and go about their daily lives with a creative outlook. Jordan hopes to work for an advertisement agency, creating ads and logos for companies. Her dream would be to see her work displayed out in public. Michael hopes to work for a marketing agency, eventually starting his own design firm. He would love to act as the bridge between his design team and the client. The two manage their photography and design company out of Woodridge, IL. They are always eager to come out and shoot photos or design a unique piece for a client!

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